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Colorful. Simple. Customizable.

Magic Locker is most colorful and simple lock screen app for Android!

1. Cute Lock Screen make your mobile outstanding;
2. Various of lock screen Themes to match your style;
3. Activate phone, SMS and Camera directly from lock screen;
4. Able to change shortcut to any other application
4. Good compatibility with other Launcher
6. Support customise wallpaper
7. Support customise date format
8. Support system security pattern

The Magic Locker Main App just includes one theme – ‘Lost Robot’, as the default theme, you can search more themes in Google Market. For more details please refer to below Q&A section.

Q: How to find more Magic Locker Themes?
A: You can press ‘More Themes’ button in ‘MagicLocker Setting -> Themes Tab’. Or search ‘mobi.lockscreen.magiclocker.theme’ in Google Market directly.

Q: How to install Magic Locker Themes?
A: After you install a MagicLocker theme app, you need to run the theme app and press ‘Install this theme’ button in the theme dialog.

Q: How to uninstall Magic Locker Themes?
A: You can long press a theme in ‘MagicLocker Setting -> Themes Tab’ then press ‘Uninstall theme’. Or go to ‘System Setting -> Applications -> Manage applications’ then find the theme App to uninstall as general App.

Q: Why the ‘Lost Robot’ theme can’t be uninstalled from MagicLocker?
A: ‘Lost Robot’ is the default theme in MagicLocker and MagicLocker must ensure there is at least one theme exist.

Q: How to make the theme apps icon disappear from App Drawer/Launcher?
A: Actually Magic Locker had already tried to hide these icons, but in some phones it will only react after phone reboot or Launcher reboot.

Q: How can I do if encounter double lock screen?
A: You can try to change the ‘Volume rocker wake’ status in the MagicLocker Settings.

Q: Why is it slow when the lock screen running?
A: Magic Locker uses some animation to provide amazing effect on your lock screen. But if you phone has lower power, it may slow. Please try these theme without animations, they will be more smooth and awesome also.

Q: Why the alarm dialog disappears?
A: It’s a known issue exist the HTC 2.2 phone, you can upgrade to HTC 2.3 or download another free alarm theme which exist in android market.

Q: How to enable the password or pin security?
A: You must disable the ‘Volume rocker wake’ option in the MagicLocker Settings in order to use this two security. But please notice that it will show system default lock screen before the password/pin inputing dialog. And disabling this option may trigger higher chance of double lock screen in certain phones.

Q: Why a theme disappeared from ‘MagicLocker Setting -> Themes Tab’?
A: First, please ensure your SD card is available, if yes, please try to reinstall the theme app.

About permissions:
Please notice that Magic Locker requires a number of permissions, the purpose is to launch other Apps from the lockscreen, while we definitely won’t read the contents in users’ phone. For example, we declared SMS read permission in order to launch the SMS App, while we will not read any content of the SMS.

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